Session Title: Student-Led Conferencing in the Digital Age
Session Date: Friday, November 6, 2009
Session Time: 2:00:00 PM - 3:15:00 PM
Program Book Number: 2566

Classroom Blog: Monica's blog

Preparation for student-led conferences takes some time, but it's worth it! Here are some resources to help you get your students ready for the big day.
Steps to successful student-led conferences
Links and Downloads
Invite parents to the conference.

Student-reflection and self-assessment documents help define discussion topics.

These are online surveys that help students with meta-cognition. They have instant results and are user-friendly. Students really enjoy them!

Include information from specific courses.

Spend some time practicing the conference. Ask students for their input on what they would like to discuss.

Post a format reminder and facilitate parent-child interaction through some discussion suggestions.

A conference form will document the goal(s) and discussion.

Students should reflect on the conference.

Teacher evaluation of the e-portfolio enhances student accountability.